Galaxy gradient.

31DC2014 day 19: galaxies.

I’m not sure if these even qualify as half moons.  Sometimes I start painting with a vary vague idea in my head and it takes on its own life as I go. These nails just wanted to be a badass geometric, who am I to stand in their way?

31DC2014 day 18: half moon

Goddess of the seven seas.

31DC2014 day 17: glitter


Anonymous asked:

What do you use to treat ur nails? I get very weak nails and I always try to grow them out but they always break.


Growing nails is tricky— I still cannot consistently grow the nails on my right (dominant) hand, because it is my do-shit-with-hand and consequently the nails break much more often.  I also think a lot of it just comes down to luck and genetics.  But that being said, there are definitely things that can help improve nail strength/health.  My general tips can be found here and here.  

I’ve been wanting to do some nails inspired by these beautiful, Mondrian-esque geometric illustrations for a while now.  They’re from mathematician Oliver Byrne’s 1847 edition of The Elements of Euclid (although they look crazy modern).  Today was maybe not the best day to try to tackle them though— my tremor is acting up and this was a super frustrating painting session.  I think I’m about 2/3 satisfied with it?

31DC2014 day 16: geometric

Broken porcelain.

31DC2014 day 15: delicate

These ended up super grandma, but I like it.

31DC2014 day 14: flowers

This one’s for the anon who wanted butterfly nails.  From pinky to thumb: noble leafwing, malachite butterfly, white admiral, eastern tiger swallowtail, European peacock butterfly.

31DC2014 day 13: animal print.

These babies were inspired by an outfit from the Valentino Resort ‘15 collection.

31DC2014 day 12: stripes


Anonymous asked:

Hey, could you please talk about what you used to do your rusty nails, or maybe post a tutorial for them? They look awesome! :D


Thank you!  I’m currently swamped with this 31 Day Challenge stuff, so I won’t be able to make tutorials any time soon, but I’ll give you a step-by-step:

1) I started with a base of Sally Hansen Sterling Silver, which is a silver chrome polish.  This is responsible for the metallic shine.

2) I lightly sponged some of Essie For the Twill of It randomly over the silver.  This polish is a gray/green/purple duochrome, and it made the metal look slightly weathered.

3) Sponged some plain black polish around the nails, using a torn piece of cosmetic sponge.  In some areas, I laid the black on heavily and then wiped it off with a bit of paper towel, to leave behind streaks and stains. Even more weathered-looking!

4) I painted the rust with a detailing brush, mostly using OPI OPI & Apple Pie, an orange-brown. I also used a little of Zoya Arizona (orange) and Sally Hansen Cinnamon (dark brown) to make the rust spots more uneven and mottled. I looked at a bunch of pictures of rusty shit to try and get the rust-distribution right.

5) I finished everything off with a shiny topcoat (Seche Vite, natch).  When that was dry, I used a small brush to paint matte topcoat (Essie Matte About You) over the rust areas, because metal should shine but rust should not.

And that’s it.  They pretty convincingly looked like old metal, especially in person, and were a lot of fun to wear.  Let me know if you have any questions, or if you absolutely need a picture tutorial.

Felt like doing something quieter today.  I did the white polka dots using this glitter from Born Pretty Store (you can use the code NFG10 for 10% off from them).  They’re listed as shiny but they have more of a satin finish, rather than what you usually think of as shiny glitter.  This actually makes them perfect for polka dots if, like me, you find it maddeningly hard to get your dots even in size/shape using polish and doting tools. The small iridescent glitter bits are fished out of Zoya Monet.

31DC2014 day 11: polka dots

Ever just have one of those days?

31DC2014 Day 9: rainbow

Is it too early to quit the 31 Day Challenge? Without damaging my nail art pride?

Rusty nails.

31DC 2014 day 8: metallic