A little cosmic magic, featuring polishes from Virtuous Polish's Seven Virtues collection: Patience (neon pink) and Temperance (cobalt blue).  Charms and gems are from Daily Charme

These three colors are part of a collection by Virtuous Polish, a new indie brand.  They are Patience (neon pink), Purity (bright white), and Temperance (cobalt blue).  All three are shown here with two coats + topcoat.

I was really impressed by how pigmented these were.  Patience is probably the most opaque neon I own, and it’s actually even brighter than it looks in these pictures.  Both Patience and Temperance dry down to a matte finish, but I prefer them glossy.

The Seven Virtues collection will be available on October 24.  Stay tuned for some nail art featuring these babies.

It’s the perfect time of year to paint tiny skulls on your fingernails.  Check out my skull designs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and my skull tutorial to get going.  And if you ever make a design inspired by something I’ve done or my tutorials, please let me know! I’d love to see.

She was in to S&M and bible studies, not everyone’s cup of tea…

Some strange and supernatural nail art inspired by artist Ricardo Cavolo and featuring charms from Daily Charme.

'Tis the season.  My little ghost buddy is from Daily Charme.

Rainbow doodle skulls.  And it glows in the dark! Which is really hard to photograph because my beloved old camera finally died and all I’ve got is my cellphone.


I’ve got good news! That gum you like is going to come back in style.

31DC2014 day 1: red

Reblogging because IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN.

Popsugar featured my 31 Day Challenge nails today.  Loving the upworthy-esque subtitle (“You won’t believe the lacquer skills this one woman has”)! But seriously, I very much appreciate that they took the time to ask my permission and give me credit.

I actually, for real, finished the 31 Day Challenge! I honestly did not expect to make it all the way through when I started.  And tbh the whole thing was kind of exhausting, but I also did a lot of stuff I’m proud of.

Day 1: red ~ Day 2: orange ~ Day 3: yellow ~ Day 4: green ~ Day 5: blue ~ Day 6: violet ~ Day 7: black and white ~ Day 8: metallic ~ Day 9: rainbow ~ Day 10: gradient ~ Day 11: polka dots ~ Day 12: stripes ~ Day 13: animal print ~ Day 14: flowers ~ Day 15: delicate print ~ Day 16: geometric ~ Day 17: glitter ~ Day 18: half moons ~ Day 19: galaxy ~ Day 20: water marble ~ Day 21: a color ~ Day 22: a song ~ Day 23: a movie ~ Day 24: a book ~ Day 25: fashion ~ Day 26: a pattern ~ Day 27: artwork ~ Day 28: a flag ~ Day 29: the supernatural ~ Day 30: a tutorial ~ Day 31: honor nails you love

Most popular designs: Antique flowers ~ Hattie Stewart-inspired B&W ~ Broken porcelain ~ BCTC opals ~ Galaxy gradient

Personal favorite designs: BCTC opals ~ Hattie Stewart-inspired B&W ~ Henry Darger ~ Broken Porcelain ~ Lisa Simpson, feminist icon

Meanest comment: Looking like a 70s kitchen threw up on her nails (Day 21)

Nicest comment: my ideal world has just come to pass. having never even seen her face, i have fallen deeply in love with ladycrappo. (Day 27)

Solo shots of my ridiculous He-Man nails, inspired by @nahkouradoesnails.

31DC2014 day 31: honor nails you love

Lady Crappo x Nakhoura Does Nails mani swap!  The final day of the 31DC2014 (honor nails you love) seemed like the perfect time to do a swap with the very talented Nahkoura (@nahkouradoesnails on instagram).  I decided to attempt to recreate her hilarious He-Man nails, and she did a gorgeous version of my playing card design.  I’ll post some more solo shots of my nails in a bit.

31DC2014 day 31: honor nails you love

Opals.  I did these using a tutorial by Kelly of basecoat-topcoat, who is one of my all-time favorite nail artists.  She has an ongoing series of stone-inspired nails that are so beautiful, unusual, and realistic (you’ve probably seen this one around, because people are always fucking stealing it).  I really wanted to try to recreate one of them, and I’m very happy with how they came out, although I do think hers were better.

31DC2014 day 30: inspired by a tutorial

Ingredients for a traditional pagan love spell: apple blossoms, geranium, jasmine, rose, rosemary, vanilla pods, vervain.

This is based Amelia Bauer's incredible still life photographs of botanical spell ingredients, Book of Shadows.

31DC2014 day 29: inspired by the supernatural