I’m thinking about doing the 31 Day Challenge, starting September 1.  Is this madness? A good idea? Both?

Fun with bright flowers, bling, and matte top coat.  I used this set of rhinestones and gold rings from Born Pretty Store.  You can use the code NFG10 for 10% off your order from them.

Vaccine-preventable diseases.  Getting my nerd on for The Lacquer Legion’s Weird Science challenge— I wanted to celebrate vaccines by showing some of the pathogens they protect against.  From pinky to thumb: diptheria (Corynebacterium diphtheriae), polio (poliovirus), smallpox (variola virus), measles (measles virus), and rabies (rabies virus).


millennialqueefs asked:

Do you have any tips for people who have the shakes? I live for nail art but I can't do it myself :(


I actually have a post on this very subject, as I also have a hand tremor and have a lot of experience trying to compensate for it!  Here you go.

Couple of other thoughts: I tend to do a lot of cleanup on my manicures, which helps smooth things out after my hand jjerks and I make a mistake.  I use a cheapo angled eye shadow brush dipped in acetone to clean up around my cuticles, and I use my nail art brushes to go back over lines or shapes to even them out.

There are also a lot of sweet nail art things you can do other than free-hand designs (probably one of the hardest skills to master, with or without a tremor).  I started out doing tape manicures, which was a good way to get familiar with using nail polish without getting too discouraged by my tremor.  When my hands are particularly shaky I also tend to do sponge gradients or use a lot of nail art charms.  There’s also nail wraps and decals.

Hope that helps, and definitely ask if you have any more questions about it.

Strange things happen when I decide to practice my line work.  Not that I’m complaining— really love how this looks.

My fiancé, reading a description of the polishes I used in my last design: “Wait, I thought OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls was gray, not white.”

Me: “First of all, that’s amazing. Second, it’s more of a grayish white than a gray.”

I shit you not, he’s learning polish names now.

These are based on the beautiful botanical tattoos of Kirsten Holliday (kirstenmakestattoos).


I love you, nice anons!

This is pretty much how I feel when I get wonderfully sweet anonymous messages.  I usually don’t post responses to them unless the person asks a question, because I feel funny just posting crazy compliments on my blog, like I’m showing off.  But then if I don’t post a response, there is no way to say thank you.

So if you’ve sent me a kind message anonymously, please know that I loved the shit out of it and it made me feel great (and hopefully if you sent one non-anonymously I remembered to reply and give you my thanks).

Sometimes I think I should have business cards made up just so I can hand them out to all the cashiers who are interested in my nails.

Plus, it’d save me from having to tell people all the time, “It’s ladycrappo.com.  Yeah, spelled just like it sounds— two ‘p’s in crappo.”

unimaginableunimaginable answered your post: Some simple geometric nails, inspired …

how do you get such clean lines??

Always a good question! I wrote a post on clean lines a little while back, which you might want to check out.

Another thing I often do is go back and clean up my lines if they’re too wobbly. For instance on that last design, I was painting dark green shapes on a light green background, and I went back in with the light green afterward to smooth out the edge of the line.

There’s also always tape for clean lines!  It’s how I started out with nail art and it works pretty damn well, although these days I usually find it easier to freehand. 

Some simple geometric nails, inspired by Mexican artist Pia Camil,  Her Espectaculares series uses large-scale textile paintings to represent the abandoned billboards of Mexico City.  Hat tip to fyeahwomenartists, who posted a bunch of Camil’s stuff recently.

Also, I changed the shape of my nails a little.  They’re less round and more almond-y.  What do you think?

There are now some official Lady Crappo pinterest boards, so you can browse my nail art there if that is a thing you do.  Look at me growing my social media empire!

It was interesting going back through a bunch of my old stuff to pin it— I realized I’ve improved quite a bit since I started this tumblr.  The progress is incremental, so sometimes it seems like I’m stagnating, but when I take a step back I can definitely see the progress.  I guess that’s a life metaphor?

The cosmic thread.  I combined some retro hand charms with some rhinestones for super space bling (both of which I ordered from Daily Charme), and I think I like it better than my last shot at galaxy nails.

I straight up chopped off the tip of my thumbnail while cubing some beef for dinner tonight.  Whoops.

Born Pretty Store sent me some stuff to review, including this set of gold and silver foils.  I tore off small pieces of the silver foil and placed them randomly over a multicolor gradient for these nails.  The effect is similar to the many gold/ silver flake top coats out there, but it doesn’t cost $20 a bottle and you can control how large or small the flakes are. If you want to order from BPS you can use the code NFG10 for 10% off.