Solo shots of my ridiculous He-Man nails, inspired by @nahkouradoesnails.

31DC2014 day 31: honor nails you love

Lady Crappo x Nakhoura Does Nails mani swap!  The final day of the 31DC2014 (honor nails you love) seemed like the perfect time to do a swap with the very talented Nahkoura (@nahkouradoesnails on instagram).  I decided to attempt to recreate her hilarious He-Man nails, and she did a gorgeous version of my playing card design.  I’ll post some more solo shots of my nails in a bit.

31DC2014 day 31: honor nails you love

Opals.  I did these using a tutorial by Kelly of basecoat-topcoat, who is one of my all-time favorite nail artists.  She has an ongoing series of stone-inspired nails that are so beautiful, unusual, and realistic (you’ve probably seen this one around, because people are always fucking stealing it).  I really wanted to try to recreate one of them, and I’m very happy with how they came out, although I do think hers were better.

31DC2014 day 30: inspired by a tutorial

Ingredients for a traditional pagan love spell: apple blossoms, geranium, jasmine, rose, rosemary, vanilla pods, vervain.

This is based Amelia Bauer's incredible still life photographs of botanical spell ingredients, Book of Shadows.

31DC2014 day 29: inspired by the supernatural

No nails today, because I spent all day hanging out with Big Tex here at the state fair. Don’t worry, I’ll catch up tomorrow!


Anonymous asked:

omg you are so fucking cheeky. loving your challenge nails!


Oh man, I totally would’ve quit the challenge long ago if not for the joy I take in being a cheeky weirdo.

Thanks for all the encouragement, everybody.  Can’t say I’m not looking forward to it being over, but it’s also been a lot of fun.

The modern system of international maritime signal flags dates back to 1855, although it was based on earlier flag codes. It continues to be used today by both naval and merchant vessels to signal messages and intentions at sea.

These ones spell out PENIS.

31DC2014 day 28: inspired by a flag

These are based on the work of the eccentric outsider artist Henry Darger

31DC2014 day 27: inspired by artwork

Nothing to see here folks.

31DC2014 day 26: inspired by a pattern

These were inspired by a photograph of the model Xiao Wen Ju in a Dolce & Gabbana jeweled lace dress, but it kinda just ended up looking like I went at my nails with a Bedazzler.  I think I’m okay with that.

31DC2014 day 25: inspired by fashion.

A wind-up magpie for Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

31DC2014 day 24: inspired by a book

Inspired by In the Mood for Love and the incredible cheongsams worn by Mrs. Chan (Maggie Cheung).

31DC2014 day 23: inspired by a movie

These are based on the beautiful Bollywood classic “Dil Cheez Kya Hai” (“What is a heart?”).  Composed by Khayyam, lyrics by Sharyar, and sung by the inimitable Asha Bhosle.  Just watch Rekha’s performance and tell me you aren’t seduced.  And appropriately, the red polish I used here is Zoya Rekha.

31DC2014 day 22: inspired by a song.

There seems to be some debate over what the hell ‘inspied by a color’ is supposed to mean, but I decided to do a design based around a particular polish color. I love yellow nail polish, and Zoya Darcy is one of my favorites— just such a rich, golden yellow.

31DC2014 day 21: inspired by a color